How to Become a High Roller Player

Being fully a high roller at a casino includes many perks like lavish bonuses, comps, luxurious accommodations, and expensive restaurants. You might have had longs for the high roller lifestyle and craved a few of that for your self at some time. The question is: "How are you able to pull it off? "

First, let us define the idea. They are gamblers who wager big. A lot of people have a misconception that high bidders need to be businessmen, superstars, or individuals who have big money. This is partially true. But it's not impossible to make your way up.

Having lots of money doesn't make you a high roller simultaneously. The idea can be about tipping generously, having style, and just loving the thrill of gambling. To get most out to be a top roller, fall in love with the game, place big bets, and also have the guts to reduce.

High stakes gamblers that keep wagering big for a long period (we're talking years) are a split category called "whales. " Casinos compete to get "whales" and keep them happy so long as they are able to because this player type brings the casino status and profits. While they may not be the very best customers with regards to profits for the casino ultimately, they "own" the largest chunk of the casino's turnover for certain day. You may imagine how important this one client is from a business point of view.

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Strategies to Reach the Stars

As previously mentioned above, being a money player is all about betting big and soaking in a luxurious life style. Have a peek at certain requirements to reach the status.

Put Yourself Out There

Sure, should you want to turn into a high roller, bet big. However , know this: you can't expect to go right to the casino unannounced, wave your cash, and have it all. Reaching a higher stakes gambler status is much like getting into a relationship. Approach a casino host and let them know what your plan is, simply how much you're going to bet and, generally, what they need to are expecting from you.

When the link is initiated, the hosts is likely to make sure you know every thing about the casino's high roller and VIP policies. According to your bankroll, they may even permit you to negotiate the comps and rewards you want.

Tip Well

Tipping can be an built-in element of any casino. It's natural: if you like exemplary service, you need to tip. Hollywood celebrities who love to gamble often be the absolute most generous tippers out there. There are many stories about their legendary tipping habits.

Simply take Ben Affleck for instance. Rumour has it that he once gave away an astonishing $140, 000 as a tip for the casino staff (almost $5, 000 to each staff member).

Tipping is how you strengthen the bond with the casino.

Watch the Staff Watch You

This point is an even more higher level tactic for making your reputation stick. The beginning and the conclusion of the session have become very important to a higher roller. Ensure that you bet big in the beginning, if the pit boss is still around. You'll need him to observe how much you're betting.

Yet another thing to consider is the casino staff. Take notice, and you should see them looking at a floor and making mental notes. Ensure they see you as well as your awesome moves!

Work Your Way Up

Not totally all of it's likely you have the large sums to wager right off the bet. What if you're a typical middle-class gambler who just loves the overall game?

It is possible to play your path to the cash players' dining table. First, turn into a high roller in a modest casino, win, and climb the ladder, choose a larger pond and target larger fish. Be persistent, and you will make it happen sooner rather than later.

High Roller Perks

As now you understand the steps that may earn you the "whale" status, let's see what things to are expecting after getting there.


Land-based casinos use "comps" to reward their loyal high bidders. Comps come in many shapes and forms, including free drinks and food, accommodation, and even seats.

With on the web casinos, comps certainly are a bit different. In some instances, they use a points reward system, a unique high roller bonus, or a VIP ladder with an increase of and more perks towards the top tiers.

Better Rules

Land-based casinos sometimes negotiate specific rules and personalized reward programs for players with deepest pockets. When given the ability, work all of your charm and improve your rank among the top bidders.

Loss Rebates

Loss rebate is a form of money encouragement that both on line and offline casinos use. It's a cashback on the amount of money you've lost. The percentage depends on the casino and, sometimes, for cash players, the percentage is part of the negotiated rules.

Freeroll Tournaments

High roller tournaments do not have entrance fees. This makes it very convenient for a player to start out the game and are expecting a win without the risk applied. If you lose, you can just leave.

Usual high-roller tables might also offer freeroll hands, which work similarly to no-risk bets at on the web bookmakers.

Luxurious Treatment

Aside from room upgrades and routes, being a high roller means a higher profile of existence generally speaking. You should also are expecting personalized valet parking, invitations to VIP parties, special VIP high-roller tables, more experienced dealers, and higher profile hosts. Each one of the perks adds to the royal treatment you deserve.

While land-based casinos entertain the "whales" with lavish upgrades, VIPs playing online also receive similar personalization. Personal customer support, gift ideas for birthdays and anniversaries, and club gatherings offline, are some of the perks you could expect from online platforms.

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As you can plainly see, being a high roller is focused on the ability and the partnership with the casino. Place in your time and effort, and also you could be another someone to finish a victorious poker game and get back home on an exclusive jet!

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