The World’s Weirdest Bets

Gambling has every thing regarding limits, yet some gamblers will head to wild lengths looking for that flutter all players crave. With bookkeepers ready to put a line on just about any outcome you could imagine, the gambling world is primed for some outlandish and strange wagers.

From the strangest bets you may make, with a outrageous gambling behavior, below are a few of the wackiest bets that one can place a bet on.

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Top 5 Weirdest Bets of All Time

Sam, I am

Sometimes it requires a cash wager to push anyone to new heights of achievement. In 1960, Bennett Cerf, the founder of publishing giant Random House, made a wager with a noted children’s book author. Cerf bet the author they couldn’t compose an entire story using significantly less than 50 unique words. The author took up the challenge with gusto.

His name? Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. The result of the bet? Green Eggs and Ham, a classic book so ingrained in the culture that American Supreme Court Justice James Muirhead referenced it in an official court opinion.

Rumour has it that Cerf never paid Geisel, nevertheless the book sold over 8 million copies. This resulted in Geisel making thousands over a seemingly impossible task.

Betting Against Yourself

A Brit’s slick trick to prevent taxes finished up benefiting every one involved (besides the Crown). In 2005, 91-year-old Arthur King-Robinson wagered £500 on six: 1 odds he’d be dead by year’s end. He finally found a bookmaker who took the macabre bet, which ended up being King-Robinson’s try to skirt an inheritance tax.

As it happens King-Robinson won by betting against himself. He survived the year, sidestepped the death tax and his bookmaker pocketed the £500.

Betting on Armageddon

Sometimes you must appreciate the intrepid gambler who will do anything to secure a wager. Whilst the year 2000 loomed, there is mass-hysteria, due to the world-ending apocalypse foretold in a Mayan prophecy. Londoner Matthew Dumbrell angled to profit, having a 1, 000, 000: 1 bet that the world will be annihilated in Y2K.

The Name is… Travolta?

Rumours abounded in 2014 that Sony Images would tap Idris Elba as the first nonwhite James Bond. Unfortuitously, this step in to the 21st century for the film franchise didn't materialize.

Little Pickle

3 months before the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump’s once-long 1000: 1 odds of winning the election had shrunk to 7: 4 (What are you doing Americans?! ) A far more contentious battle was being waged over the size of his male appendage.

Trump’s manhood has been the subject of media scrutiny for many years. In the summertime of 2016, odds stood 50: 1 he packs significantly less than four inches and a quick 11: 4 betting on 7. 01-8 inches. A classic betting line for the ballsy.

Top 5 Wild Wagers You Can Place Today

Celebrity Deaths

Ever endured an inkling someone famous wasn’t long for this world? Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool enables you to place wagers which superstars will die before age 50. Register with friends to be involved in celebrity mock drafts.

Pack your “Funeral Home” to win cash and prizes. The Celebrity Death Pool notes that it’s “forbidden for players to harm, murder, or else affect the health of” celebrities in pursuit of profit.

The Next Pope

Although Pope Francis of Argentina remains alive, there’s debate among on line bettors over that will be next.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines is currently leading at +400. Tagle is just a bit in front of other people, including Richard Dawkins (+37, 000) and Bono (+50, 000).

Who Will Play Joe Exotic?

Netflix’s sensational Tiger King is gripping television for millions. At this time, there are no official plans to make a movie from the series. If a movie was created, you are able to bet on which actor would play the larger-than-life Joe Exotic.

Currently, betting is tight: Billy Bob Thornton, Edward Norton and Kevin Bacon sit at five. 2: 1, with David Spade at 7: 1 )

How is Kim Jong-Un Removed From Power?

Kim Jong-Un has a near-unshakeable grip on power in North Korea. Yet longshot bets never deterred serious gamblers.

Current odds for Kim dying in power are 10: 1, 5: 1 he's removed in a coup (internal or external, doesn’t matter), and there are long 20: 1 odds that he resigns voluntarily.

Cheese Rolling Champion

Yes, it is a sport. Every year on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, a 9-lb wheel of cheese is shot down the hill at over 70 miles hourly.

The purpose of participants is always to catch the cheese, though nobody ever has. The first contestant who makes it down the hill hoists the cheese wheel as their prize.

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There you contain it: a few of the oddest bets and wagers in gambling history. The other wacky gambling stories should people find out about? Drop them in the comments below.

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