What Is Blackjack Party? Is It Worth Playing?

Blackjack party is a seven-seat blackjack table game, whilst the Live Blackjack with many betting options. Despite the fact that the overall game has only 7 seats, players standing behind the 7 players can also place bets. The overall game is manufactured by Evolution Games, offering players an adventure with extra smacks to create it more enjoyable.

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The Game in Detail

Blackjack Party is a straightforward game with abundant offerings and features for players, giving players the television game show experience and gameplay. The principles are simple and similar to the old-fashioned classic blackjack casino game.

Blackjack fans can play the game on both desktops and mobile phones, compatible with Android and iOS devices. Players utilising the mobile version enjoy all the features in the internet version.

The game comes with an RTP of 99. 64% and 8 decks. The game’s pay is 3: 2. The dealer’s rule is to stand on 17s (hard and soft). The game is hosted by both a live dealer and a presenter, which makes it simpler to utilize the live chat feature.

Benefit from the game by placing bets as the live dealer keeps you entertained. The multiple camera views are enabled in most the playing devices hence an even more detailed gaming experience. The overall game is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and UK Gambling Commission.

The golden rule of the game is to do have more cards than the dealer, and the cards must be nearer to 21. A new player with 21 cards or cards nearer to 21 wins the wagered amount. The live game is a minimal stake casino online game, with a bet selection of £5 to £1, 000, it’s ideal for both novice and expert players.

The aces in the game are counted from 1 to 10, and all face cards are counted as 10. The rest of the cards in this game are calculated according to their face value.

Blackjack Party has a Bet Behind option, allowing significantly more than seven players to take part in the game. Thanks to this feature, the table isn't fully booked; players awaiting a vacant seat can still wager on the game. This creates an unlimited number of players in the game.

The dealer of the overall game stands at 17, and players in the overall game can split their hands. Players can just only break the hands once, with Double Down being permitted once for the first two playing cards.

In addition to those two main bets, the Blackjack Party game has very lucrative side bets for players. All of the stakes in Blackjack Party are the same as those in Live Blackjack, even the medial side bets. The overall game has two main side bets: the Perfect Pairs Side Bet and the 21+3 bet.

You can win the Perfect Pairs Side Bet if the initial hand dealt by the player is made up of 2 cards of the same color, suit, and even both. The 21+3 bet is more in depth; the player's first 2 credit cards in addition to the dealer's card grant a win if they make the following winning combinations:

  • Straight –10:1
  • Flush – 5:1
  • Suited Trip – 50:1
  • Straight Flush – 40:1
  • Three of a Kind – 30:1

The 21+3 is the most common side when playing UK blackjack. The 2 side bets are worthwhile and provide very handsome payouts to players. The right Pairs Side Bet and the 21+3 bets provide the following payouts, 25: 1 and 100: 1, respectively. The payouts are not associated with the principal outcomes of the game.

Players take pleasure in the live-chat feature when playing Live Blackjack, and the same feature exists in Blackjack Party. The live chat feature makes the game more interactive despite an extremely informal setting than Live Blackjack. Players can speak to the live dealers and revel in the game's groove.

Let's not forget the pre-decision features. The Blackjack Part pre-decision features allow players to create a wagering decision before it's their turn to take part in the game.

Video Features

The theme of the Blackjack Party game is based on a disco studio in Riga, Latvia. The modern-styled disco is filled with all of the fun elements within modern Riga discos. Inspite of the device used, you will relish the most intensity of the party and gameplay.

Evolution Game has carefully developed the Blackjack Party game to fill the complete screen of your devices with the video feed. Features and gaming options are neatly presented within a menu. Players have quick access to gaming audio and video controls and settings.

The most outstanding feature of the Blackjack Party game is the full HD live stream feature. The feature gives an upgraded live stream experience, making the player feel just like they are taking part in a live game in a brick-and-mortar casino. The game includes a unique feel as a result of party aesthetics, making the game stand out.

Like all of those other on line casino games produced by Evolution Games, the CGI element occurs in the Blackjack Party game. The CGI feature displays different graphical options utilized by the developer to improve the gaming experience of players. The graphics show the players' wins, their stake, possible side bets, and so forth

Where to Play Blackjack Party?

If you are a blackjack enthusiast, you can play Blackjack Party at any online casino partnered with Evolution Game. Below, we have compiled a summary of the best on the web casinos where you can play Blackjack Party:

  • Casio, betting limits 0.50 to 1,000
  • Zet Casino, betting limits 0.50 to 1,000
  • LS Bet.com, betting limits 0.50 to 1,000
  • Zen Casino, betting limits 0.50 to 1,000
  • Reload Bet, betting limits 0.50 to 1,000

When picking the very best online casino to play the Blackjack Party, consider the bonuses on offer. Playing the overall game using bonuses increases your chances of winning.


Compared to standard live blackjack games, the Blackjack Party is merely more corky and fun. Coupled with fantastic features from Evolution Game such as a friendly interface, top-notch live streaming features, gaming functionalities, and side bets, the game is a treat for blackjack enthusiasts. Do not lose out on the lively presenter and dealer who keep the game both fun and enticing, while discussing various topics during the game.

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