Online Keno and All About It

The overall game of keno features a lengthy history. An early form of the game arises from China from the days before the Great Wall was built. This game, which is really a combination of lottery and bingo, has been popular in China since and it quickly conquered Europe and the Americas.

When you have never tried this game of chance and wish to give a shot at it, read on this article. We will explain the primary rules of the game, the types of bets you are able to place, and inform you of your odds of winning, and what strategies you should use. We will also highlight the main types of keno, ways to play free keno, and how to play it for real cash. The topics covered are:

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Best casinos to play keno

Nowadays many Australian online casinos offers keno games. Online Keno is quite just like bingo by its rules, one of the most common may be the wider range of bets. To start with read our complete review about the overall game, to know the principles, of good use recommendations and strategies the might help you to win!

Below you will find top-rated casinos with different types of keno games.

Online Keno Main Rules Explained

Playing keno on the web has pretty much the same rules as playing it in offline casinos. Players can choose free keno games to play at several on the web casinos to allow them to practice before wagering money on the game. The guidelines of keno are simple.

  • The grid of a keno ticket has 80 numbers
  • The player can select 1 to 20 numbers to bet on (in some games only up to 10 or 15 numbers)
  • The player can select the bet amount and the number of games he wants to play
  • 20 numbers are drawn (selected by a random number generator)
  • The player will win if he guessed some or all of the numbers correctly
  • Winnings are paid based on the paytable – the number of balls selected influences just how much the player can win

Understanding Types of Bets at Keno Game

In the game of keno, the players need to select a ticket type according to how they would like to select their numbers. It may be as simple as picking out a certain quantity of numbers using one ticket or complicated betting strategies can be used and bet combinations can be done in the same game. You may get a taste for every type with free keno games in some casinos.

Straight tickets

Getting a straight ticket may be the easiest option so many novice keno players adhere to this type of ticket. The players can simply pick their numbers and they will be paid according to just how many matches they'd.

Way tickets

With the way in which, ticket players choose categories of numbers for a passing fancy card. These groups could be made from unique numbers or can be used repeatedly, depending on the casino. By buying way tickets, the players raise their odds of winning.

King Number Tickets

A king number is one certain number that you could select on your card. This number is played as well as other numbers. This kind of bet can be played on straight, way, or combination tickets.

Split tickets

If you get yourself a split ticket you make two straight bets on the same ticket. Both bets cannot have some of the same numbers on them. The advantage of this ticket is that you could play two games on a single ticket.

All about Odds, RTP & House Edge

When you play keno on line you have a worse come back to player than almost every other casino games. The house edge varies from casino to casino and from game to game but it is usually between 4 and 35%. Statistically, players have the greatest possibility of winning if they pick five or 6 numbers.

Check out the tabula below, where we collected odds and payouts in one single destination for a save your valuable time of searching relevant information that definitely will help you in understating likelihood of online keno:

Online Keno odds and payouts
Online Keno: Odds & Payouts
Picked Numbers Numbers Match Payout Odds
2 Numbers 2 out of 20 7:1 1:13
3 Numbers 3 out of 20 25:1 1:48
4 Numbers 4 out of 20 100:1 1:189
5 Numbers 5 out of 20
4 out of 20
6 Numbers 6 out of 20
5 out of 20
7 Numbers 7 out of 20
6 out of 20
5 out of 20
8 Numbers 8 out of 20
7 out of 20
6 out of 20
9 Numbers 9 out of 20
8 out of 20
7 out of 20
6 out of 20
1:6851 in 86
10 Numbers 10 out of 20
9 out of 20
8 out of 20
7 out of 20

Real Money bonuses for Online Keno

Keno casino games have become popular with punters who like lottery-type games. Keno is simply a lottery on demand used a keno card, a paytable and few buttons. You can easily understand it but there are numerous variants of the overall game with different odds. Of a grid of 80 numbers you will need to choose 1 to 20 number on the card and the larger the percentage of the numbers you hit, the higher the payout. When you play keno on the web you will notice the payout figures right away unlike in a land-based casino.

Before you will choose the bonus that suits you, read our complete guide about How to Play keno!

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Keno Strategies That Might Help you

Even though keno is a game of luck, there are a few strategies you can test out to increase your winning chances. Read on and decide which you want to practice.

Before you begins read about profitable strategies, look at tabula with RTP (Return to Player) to learn what you can expect from on the web Keno.

The theoretical RTP (%) in tabula is based on 10-Ball Keno:

Online keno - return to player
Online Keno RTP (Return to Player) %
1 pick 2 picks 3 picks 4 picks 5 picks 6 picks 7 picks 8 picks 9 picks 10 picks
75% 98.10% 90.19% 89.02% 86.08% 93.79% 93.61% 92.94% 93.49% 90.82%

Strategy 1: Looking for patterns

This strategy is one of the best-known ones and certainly will be properly used in lotto and bingo games aswell. All you have to to complete is:

  • Make a list of numbers that are drawn over some time
  • Mark down the numbers that have come up several times
  • Mark down the numbers that have not come up many times or at all
  • On your next bet use the numbers that have come up more frequently in the past

This tactic is founded on the concept that some numbers come up with greater regularity than others in a few cycles and over time aswell.

Strategy 2: Play the same numbers all the time

This tactic is often used in lotto as well. It's a simple strategy no preparation is necessary for this.

  • You can use your favourite numbers, or your birthday, anniversary dates, etc.
  • You must use the same number every time
  • Every number has the same chance to come up and sooner or later your numbers will as well
  • This strategy gives you the feeling of being organized and disciplined
  • If you play keno on the web free you are able to practice this in a huge selection of rounds and see how well it really is exercising

The downside of this is that if one moment you decide to use other numbers one of your lucky ones is drawn you can feel guilty and blame yourself for not being consistent.

Best types of Keno

The guidelines are very similar in every keno games nevertheless the quantity of cards you can play in one single game may differ. Some games have an additional jackpot option although some have different special features.

Single-card keno

  • The player chooses one set of numbers to play on the game
  • It is easier to follow the game with a single card
  • Beginners usually choose this type of the keno game
  • A great option for those who always bet on the same numbers
  • Gives a slow pace to the game
  • The wagers can be very low but you only have one chance per game to win

Multi-card keno

  • It allows the players to win with multiple tickets
  • You can usually select up to 7 cards
  • You can usually select up to 15 numbers on each card
  • Multiple cards boost your chances of winning with one game
  • The wager will be higher as well – e.g. $5 with 5 tickets will cost $25
  • The game is quicker but you spend your money quickly as well

Progressive jackpot keno

  • A popular online keno version as the jackpot can be very tempting
  • The rules are the same as for the standard keno game
  • The jackpot amount grows every time a player participates in the game
  • Once the jackpot is won, it will reset and start growing again
  • Usually, you will need to wager the maximum amount to be able to win the full amount of the jackpot

Power keno

  • The rules are the same as with regular keno
  • 2 to 10 numbers are selected on the ticket
  • If you hit a certain amount of numbers you win
  • Also, if you catch the 20th ball that is drawn you quadruple your winnings
  • If the first number drawn is a match the winnings also quadruple
  • An exciting and fun version of the standard keno game

How to Start Playing Online Keno for Real Money?

  1. Choose a casino from our list

    When you play on the web keno Australia a few that the casino is legitimate, honest, and responsible.

  2. Choose a good welcome bonus

    Many casinos give you a welcome bonus to new players. Check the wagering requirement before accepting them.

  3. Make a deposit

    There are a variety of ways you can deposit in most casinos, including debit/credit cards and bank transfers.

  4. Choose a game and wait until you will get your cards

    It is easy to learn to play keno, however, you can always practice with the free or demo versions of the game.

  5. Take a win!

    If lady luck was on your side and you won the amount will be added to your player account.

Tips Which Might Help You to Save Money

  • Know the rules

    Though keno is a game of chance you should be aware of the rules and be familiar with the paytable.

  • Check the payouts

    Payouts can differ from casino to casino so it is worth getting familiar with them before you commit to the overall game.

  • Manage your bankroll

    Decide the maximum amount you are able to afford to lose and adhere to it. If you lost it all, have a break and come back another time.

  • Practice the free variation of the game

    Keno is fun even when there is no money at risk. Play free online keno games to get the feel of the overall game.

  • Select Between Four and Eight Numbers

    Statistically, you have the best chances to win if you select between 4 and 8 numbers. Hitting 20 numbers right is practically impossible.

  • Play only at licensed casinos

    You shouldn’t give your money to scammers or unprofessional casinos who can’t look after your data.


🎮 Can I win at keno?

Let’s face it: keno doesn’t offer you great odds. Unlike in video poker or blackjack, the home edge is high. You are able to, of course, get lucky however in the long term, it's not a profitable game.

🎮 Can strategies help in keno?

Since keno is a game of chance, no strategy is fully guaranteed. Almost certainly they'll not help you, nevertheless , they're not going to harm you either.

🎮 Shall I play single-card or multiple-card keno?

This depends upon how fast you want the overall game to be and how much cash you wish to wager. Beginners should stay with the single-card version.

🎮 Shall I choose a progressive jackpot game?

There's absolutely no reasons why not. Your likelihood of having the numbers right will be the same and you may have an opportunity to win an amazing jackpot too.

🎮 Is keno rigged?

In the event that you play in an on line casino the numbers drawn are generated by a computer. To be sure the games are fair, always pick a licensed casino.