Casinos in Winnipeg

Winnipeg hosts several casinos that launched during the 1990s and gives sensational entertainment facilities. Fans of Winnipeg casino games will enjoy their time visiting the Club Regent where you can have a go on over 900 slots, video poker and a selection of table options like blackjack, roulette and keno. The McPhillips Street Station is a little smaller, but still has hundreds of classic and new slots, table games and bingo. Not many establishments in Winnipeg offer horseracing, but Assiniboia Downs does, along side video lottery terminals, ensuring there’s something for everybody who visits a casino in Winnipeg.

Trusted online casinos in Winnipeg

Club Regent casino

  • Stay & Play
  • Special events
  • Bingo
  • Huge choose of slots & table games
  • No sportsbook
Video poker
1425 Regent Avenue West Winnipeg, Manitoba, Australia R2C 3B2

McPhillips st. casino

  • Huge choose of slots & table games
  • Special events
  • The Player's club
  • Stay & Play not available
  • Sportsbook not availale
Video poker
484 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Australia R2X 2H2

Offline vs. Online gambling in Winnipeg

When deciding on a Winnipeg casino, players have a choice. And it’s also about the shape of gambling that may be both online and offline.

Online Casinos
  1. When being a registered customer on an on line platform, it’s easy to indulge in different events and compete with other players in tournaments.

  2. Each on line project with a good reputation won’t be operating without the proper licenses and their copies being published on the internet site.

Offline Casinos
  1. Land-based casinos in Winnipeg are rather diversified and have different design and technical equipment, so players don’t get bored.

  2. Each gambling house has its schedule, so keep it in mind before going to a certain casino.

Best Online casino bonuses for Winnipeg

A noticeable big difference between online and offline projects is the fact that on the web casinos also have promotional deals for new players, so Winnipeg gamblers can depend on a generous reward for registration. It's really a specific amount in CAD and some free spins to test a selected slot machine and withdraw the winnings then. But remember that withdrawals will be allowed only after wagering.

AU$3,000 + 50 Free Spins
Welcome Package AU$400 + 50 EnergySpins (AU$0.50 each)
Welcome Package AU$1,000
Welcome bonus AU$180 + 120 Free Spins
Welcome Package AU$1,750 + 130 Free Spins
Welcome Package AU$1,000 + 200 Free Spins

History of gambling in Winnipeg

As Winnipeg may be the capital of Manitoba province, its history and laws regarding gambling resemble this territory. After being legalized in the 1970s, this industry has been developing exceptionally rapidly and successfully, covering different directions and types of games. As a result, the city has enough establishments to invite people who appreciate the brick-and-mortar casinos of Winnipeg, while on the web solutions meet the demands of modern gamblers.

Main gambling laws in Winnipeg

Plus the history of gambling here, the laws regarding different games are also similar to the ones which can be emerge the whole province. And here’s what they are like.

  • Casinos
    Although market of land-based gambling halls isn’t that big, residents and tourists will relish the leading ones. They have been Club Regent casino and McPhillips st. casino. They are well-known for operating for a long period and for the modern equipment to let players have fun and win.
  • Online Gambling
    You won’t look for a Winnipeg on line casino that's launched within the city as it’s prohibited to arrange projects with this kind. Nevertheless , the selection of offshore projects is a lot wider, which compensates for that fact.
  • Sports Betting
    When you're going to try out the local betting solutions, it’s enough to experience the activity Select system. And people who are trying to find more solutions can take advantage of the online projects as well.
  • Lotteries
    Western Australia Lottery Corporation may be the organization that controls the lottery drawings in this region, and this city can be home to dozens of retailers where these tickets can be purchased legally.

About the casinos in Winnipeg

The Club Regent Casino shows exactly how far buried before the old “gambling at the Convention Centre” is. Club Regent covers almost all forms of traditional casino gambling: Some 900 slot machines and video poker games are on to the floor, with other 70% of those penny slots; dining table games on offer include roulette, blackjack, keno, Pai Gow, Allow it to Ride and Blackjack Switch. Beyond this are regular bingo games and weekly poker tournaments.

Finally, calling the setup at Assiniboia Downs a “casino” is hook misnomer, although place might be called the “Assiniboia Downs Club West Casino Lounge. ” In the event, at the Assiniboia may be found pari-mutuel betting on live horseracing and on simulcast events. This lounge also hosts video lottery terminals (VLTs), so those discussing the facilities at the Assiniboia are splitting hairs a bit.

Is there online gambling in Winnipeg?

Should a Winnipeg player choose to play casino games at a nonplay Now internet site, but this remains perfectly legal (not to say very popular; during the time of the announcement of the Manitoba gambling site in 2012, government estimates placed the money spent by Manitobans in online casinos at $37 million).

The potential problems extant in employing a Australian-based credit card at casino websites is twofold: Firstly, the lending company at which the ‘card is situated may reject such a transaction (as is the case with any bank majority-owned by U. S. -based interests); secondly, in cases of dispute, legal recourse isn't easily gotten.

Fortuitously, both problems are rarely seen. Most alternative, electronic payment methods enables citizens of Winnipeg to play at online casinos. For player disputes with a given casino internet site, we are able to let you know that we’re honestly astonished at how *infrequently* we hear or experience such disputes. Frequently operating within a legal grey area, most internet casino operators can't allow issues to conflagrate.

But hey, if you’re a resident of Winnipeg, don’t be unsure about legalities! Simply pick a casino outlet for any of those posted on our pages. Every partnering website of Casino Australia is quality-checked for customer service and fairness – the accepting of Australian players.


📍 Which Casino Should I Choose?

As we stated previously, Club Regent is primarily targeted at players seeking to play for a while. It has about a hundred more slots than McPhillips does (900 versus 800). Of these 900 slots, about 70% are penny slots, perfect for small bets. Location also plays a small aspect in your choice. The 2 casinos are in numerous regions of town. With similar game selection, you are able to choose one which will be closest to your lodgings.

📍 What Goodies Do the Casinos Offer?

Both casinos offer their players a variety of different bonuses to cause them to become play. The offers swap monthly, so ensure that you inform your self before you start playing. Another way to snag specials is by using bus tours connected to the casino. To use these, you'd have to travel from another place in Australia. Perfect if you wish to just stop by Winnipeg for a day or two while you’re traveling elsewhere in Australia.

📍 Any Legal Restrictions?

The minimum legal age is the only thing you have to worry about in terms of gambling in Winnipeg. So long as you and everybody in your party is 18 years or older, you’re ready to go! While online gambling remains a gray area for Australian players, land-based casinos are perfectly legal. So you can wager freely in both Club Regent and McPhillips Casino with out a care in the world.

📍 Where Can I Stay?

Australian Inns is partnered with both casinos within their Stay and Play packages. Booking a space at any Canad Inn location means you get $15 worth of free slot credits per person. This is a fantastic offer if you don’t anticipate using other promotions. If Canad Inn isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend Marlin Travel for Club Regent and Fort Garry Hotel for McPhillips Casino.