Online European Roulette

European Roulette is a well known casino game around the globe. It’s turn into a favourite due to the large payouts and low house edge. Various roulette types can be purchased in on the web casinos, although European version remains probably one of the most favoured. Both amateurs and pro betters can play it, nevertheless, you should practice free games before playing with real cash.

It’s acquireable on the web, and learning how to play could be advantageous in the event that you gamble in your leisure time. Ensure that you research the websites where it’s accessible before attempting genuine; look for licenses and internet site reviews. We’ve provided information about the overall game, and a way when playing below.

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The Origin of the European Roulette

European roulette is a straightforward but enthralling game of chance that's highly popular all over the world. It is among the oldest games as its origin is traceable back again to the 17th century. This casino game offers a thrill of anticipation like no other game, the real reason for its appeal to the large number of players from all around the globe. Additionally, it offers a reduced house edge and provides vast payouts.

The first on the web European roulette was introduced roughly around the start of the 21st century after the first on line casino was launched in 1996. European on line roulette changed everything for the better. With the online version, players is now able to enjoy great bonuses, rewards, and their favorite games in the comfort of their domiciles. To take pleasure from this fascinating game, you need to understand its basic rules.

The Basic European Roulette Rules

When you're playing roulette European, you will need to focus on one objective: to properly predict where in actuality the roulette ball will land on the numbered slots on the roulette wheel. Predicting properly is likely to make you the winner.

Here are the rules to observe;

  • Place your bets on the required spot on the table
  • Place the bets before the dealer closes the betting session
  • Only dealers can touch the chips of the players who have lost and offer payouts to winners
  • While playing, you are required not to touch the marker of the winning number

The European Roulette Wheel Number System

The European roulette has 37 pockets, comprising numbers 1-36, and a single green zero pocket. Because of this, the home includes a significant lower edge. The average casino advantage is only 2. 7% which will be lower than the American version.

Types of Bets at European roulette

What is great about roulette is that it offers an excellent array of betting options. With a wheel which has 37 pockets (or slots, or whatever you intend to call them), the betting possibilities are huge. The ball will always discover a way into a pocket with a particular number. Nevertheless , that doesn’t mean you can only bet for a passing fancy number. There are various combinations involved and we’re about to break it down.

Inside Bets

Straight Up

A bet on anybody number, including 0 and 00 (guessing where single number the ball will land on). Pays 35:1


A bet on the line between any two adjacent numbers (any of the two must win for the bet to win). Pays 17:1


A bet on any of the three numbers in a row on the betting layout. Pays 11:1


A bet on a group of four numbers, the chips are dragged to the corner where the four plumped for numbers touch. Pays 8:1

Five basket

A bet on specific pockets covering 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Pays 6:1

Six line

A bet on two adjacent rows covering six numbers. Pays 5:1

Outside Bets


Betting on the next number to turn up red or black. Pays even money, 1:1


On the next number to turn up odd or even number. Pays even money, 1:1


On a winning number to be in the range of low or high numbers (1 through 18 are low, 19 through 36 are high). Pays even money, 1:1


Bets that cover one of the three columns of the layout; each consists of 12 numbers. Pays 2:1


Bets that cover either the 1st dozen (1 to 12), the 2nd dozen (13 to 24) or the 3rd dozen (25 to 36). Pays 2:1

European roulette RTP, house edge & chances to win

With 37 pockets, European roulette is a promising game for people who need to try their luck at grabbing some winnings. If you choose to play European roulette in the free mode, the house edge just isn't essential. All things considered, you won’t win real money. Nevertheless , when you subscribe at an on line casino and deposit your money to play the overall game, choosing the right type of the game is important. In this situation, always opt in for European tables. Why? Because European roulette house edge stands at only 2. 7%. Even money wagers carry 48. 64% probability, helping to make them promising strategic choices.

Roulette return to player
Bet Type Bet Probability House Edge Return to Player
Straight 2.70% 2.70% 97.30%
Split 5.41% 2.70% 97.30%
Street 8.11% 2.70% 97.30%
Square or Corner 10.81% 2.70% 97.30%
Six Line 16.2% 2.70% 97.30%
Column 32.4% 2.70% 97.30%
Dozen 32.4% 2.70% 97.30%
Red / Black 48.64% 2.70% 97.30%
Odd / Even 48.64% 2.70% 97.30%
High / Low 48.64% 2.70% 97.30%

A Step-By-Step Guide to Playing European Roulette Online

Understanding the art of playing European roulette is simple. Here is our quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Pick a game: Roulette will come in several versions, and you should pick the European version. You may also take to playing free European roulette to try the overall game.
  2. Choose your stakes: Determine how much you wish to use before you make any bets. It is also critical to be versed with the minimum and maximum dining table stakes before you play.
  3. Place your bet. Once you know about how much you are prepared to spend, it is the right time to find your luck by placing the chips up for grabs.
  4. Hit the spin button: After making all of your bets, it is time to click the spin button and pray you will be the winner.
  5. Rebet, Clear bet, and Double bet: If you need to place the bet again, you can rebet, clear the bet if you want to place a fresh bet, and double bet for higher wins.

Top 3 European Roulette casinos

Below you can find the best Australian casinos for the European types of roulette. This is the option for roulette lovers, because house edge stands of them costing only 2. 7%.

Playamo casino

Playamo Casino features a variety of roulette games, like the original version of the game – the European roulette that has a single zero slot. Belatra Games and BGaming offer two different old-fashioned game tables to help you find the one which takes your fancy, while iSoftBet posseses an awesomely designed Silver dining table and a VIP table being offered for high-rollers.


Spin casino

Spin Casino offers a wide range of roulette options one of these is European roulette. This single zero version of the overall game lowers your house edge so players have a much better chance to win. The very best game suppliers such as for example Microgaming supply the roulette tables at Spin casino so your entertainment is fully guaranteed. Appreciate it from your laptop, PC, or mobile.


Casino Luck

Casino Luck offers three different European roulette tables. Two great game providers power these roulette tables, one of them being iSoftBet and the other one 1x2Gaming. The former includes a classic and a VIP version of the favorite single-zero game as the latter spices things up with 3D effects, providing an immersive gaming experience.


European roulette tips that will help you to win

  • Play European roulette online for free

    Should you want to learn the game rules and strategies, the best way is to play the European roulette on the web free of charge. Use the free mode to apply your skills without spending own budget.

  • Choose trusted casinos

    If you choose to play European Roulette for real money, pay a particular focus on choosing an on line casino. Play only at licensed casinos which may have reviews you are able to study to master all of the important information.

  • Know the odds

    It’s not obligatory to understand chances in the overall game, but if you do you will be able to make better decisions concerning your bets.

  • Make use of the outside betting opportunities

    You will win if you place outside bets, even if they pay less than the interior fields of the layout.

  • Try column betting

    Betting on a single of the three columns covers a good the main betting layout. Columns offer you good chances of winning more often.

  • Respect the Bankroll

    Decide on a budget you're prepared to invest in the game and stick to it to prevent overspend. Place smaller wagers to give your gameplay.

The Pros and Cons of European Roulette

As this game continues becoming popular, few things make it more attractive, and others discourage potential players.

  • Advantages

  • It is easy to play
  • The winning chances are high due to the low house edge of 2.7%
  • Players have multiple betting options. There are up to 10 betting options in European roulette
  • It has an online version that is accessible from anywhere
  • Limitations

  • The game is very addictive due to the high odds of winning and its simplicity
  • The overall game is highly reliant on chance. For that reason although a technique is needed during this game, it mostly depends on chances
  • Poor bonuses. Even when you gets roulette bonuses, you always realize that they've some restrictive terms in it
  • The games are costly. Most of the casinos demand a high stake


⭐ What roulette variations are there online?

The majority of online casinos offer European, American and French roulette. Some may offer certain speciality versions.

⭐ How often does a number repeat in single-zero games?

A player can get a repeat once every 37 pairs of numbers. Obviously, the statistics are no match for chance and the RNG engine that runs the game. It really is simply a typical result.

⭐ How are American and European Roulette games different?

The only relevant big difference between the two games may be the number of 0 pockets appearing on the wheel. European wheel has just one 0 pocket, as the American variation has two, 0 and 00.

⭐ Which bet pays the most in European roulette?

Inside bets have higher payouts than outside bets. The Straight Up bet, a bet on a single number, pays at 35: 1 odds.

⭐ Can I use betting systems to beat European roulette online for real money?

You are able to, however they won’t guarantee a win each time. Betting systems just like the Martingale can make you consider alternative means of betting, but ultimately the results of the last spin doesn't have impact on another spin.