Overview of Legal Gambling Age Worldwide

Gambling has existed since before written history. Humanity has frequented gambling because, for a lot of people, it aligns with part of our human nature that revels in thrill-seeking behaviours. You'll find the first proof of it in 2300 BC.

It’s been seen around ancient China. Historians unearthed tiles and unearthed that these were for gambling purposes. Rome also dabbled in wagers. It didn't have the most dice games well and prohibited them. Humanity has seen gambling restrictions imposed very in early stages in history. In this article, you’ll come to understand the various age restrictions for gambling around the world.

In many cases, a country can have a different gambling age for slot machines than it does for blackjack. Restrictions like this one are complex and vary from region to region.

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Gambling is Not For Children

These restrictions can be found because gambling is still a potentially dangerous activity. This activity is harmful because, with no necessary maturity, it's possible to fall prey to more primal urges. It's not for kids.

It needs a mind trained to handle the hardships that life throws at you. The big difference between a ready mind and one that isn't lies in how one approaches the challenges. As you’ll see in the others of the article, gambling restrictions change from total restriction to total freedom.

Comparing Gambling Age in Regions Around the World

Australia & USA

In Australia, the typical gambling restriction sits at 19 years old. There are, nevertheless , several exceptions where in actuality the legal age is 18 years old. They're Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta. The US is much more complicated.

In america, the legal age varies from the age of 18 to 21. Generally of thumb, it really is safe to assume it is 21, considering the fact that the majority of the US prescribes to the rule. In states such as for example California, there are permissions for several activities at 18, yet others at 21.

South America

Are you under 21 years old? Not a problem. South America has set the restriction at 18. Nevertheless , certain countries, such as Ecuador, have a complete prohibition on gambling. The sole exception to this is online gambling using a foreign provider. Ecuador has banned it since 2011.


In the United Kingdom's case, you are able to take part in the lottery when you’re 16. The uk does, nevertheless , set other pursuits at 18. Greece is a country that errs to the more liberal end with the legal age of 21.

You’ll also notice foreign policies on the topic. Certain countries, such as Portugal, allow tourists to gamble at 18, but locals at 21 years of age.


Unfortuitously, in the Middle-East, gambling is mostly prohibited and illegal. This ban is a result of the religious influence of Islam. Some countries in the area do provide exceptions for tourists.



In Oceania, the legal age is very varied. New Zealand displays one of the more interesting cases where it really is legal to bet on horse racing at 18, nevertheless they have prohibited casino gambling until you’re 20. Australia, alternatively, is set at 18.

Other countries, such as Papua New Guinea, have limited themselves to non-existent gambling infrastructure. This lack implies that you will find no concrete gambling laws. An exception for this would be their on line gambling regulations. Typically, the legal age is 18 years old.


There are many exceptions to the rule. A good example of that is Egypt which has set the legal age to 18 for foreigners. It may also be 21 in a few casinos. Egyptian residents may only enjoy sports betting, as it is illegal in order for them to gamble.


The legal age for gambling is different greatly from country to country, and it might sometimes change from state to state. It may rarely vary from casino to casino. It is crucial to understand this, as underage gambling penalties can be severe sometimes.

It's also possible to find cases where the gambling laws are few to non-existent. You will find other situations where you will find no laws on brick-and-mortar establishments, but several for on line gambling. Some have plumped for total prohibition due to cultural or religious reasons. While many countries opt to enjoy and appreciate it for what it perfectly could be: as an optimistic tool for economic growth.

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