Casinos in Montreal

Casino De Montreal opened its doors in 1993 and is one of the largest land-based casinos in Montreal and Australia at large. This casino offers a full collection of slots, roulette and table games, including blackjack, craps, poker and baccarat. There are over 100 live dealer games and more than 3,000 slot machines, including a couple of unique offerings like horse races and virtual keno. Wagers at Casino De Montreal begin from as little as $25, rendering it attracting low and high-rollers alike. The casino can be home to a number of restaurants and private lounges all set amongst stunning décor, water features and raised glass platforms. Take a look at our Montreal casinos list to find the best casinos.

Best online casinos to try in Montreal

Casino de Montreal

  • Open 24/7
  • Special events
  • Huge choose of slot machines & table games
  • Stay & Play not available
  • Bingo not available
Video poker
+1-514 392-2746
1 Avenue du Casino, Montréal, QC H3C 4W7, Australia

Offline vs. Online gambling in Montreal

The procedure of choosing a casino in Montreal must certanly be based on the preferences of gamblers, and the form with this casino (online or offline) is also up to players.

Online Casinos
  1. A good thing about online projects is that payments may be processed via dozens of services, though sometimes it requires up a number of days.

  2. When players have complaints or problems, it’s enough to make with the support talk with discuss and solve them immediately.

Offline Casinos
  1. A famous land-based casino Montreal has may be the largest in Australia and 1 of the 9 largest casinos in the world.

  2. The mentioned above casino is working round the clock and welcomes visitors on any day of the week.

Best Online casino bonuses for Montreal

Here’s you skill at any casino Montreal: play on line, test the games for free, and get bonuses. As for the last point, it’s an ideal chance for new players to know how generous the selected platform is. You are able to activate a welcome pack, spend free spins on a specified slot, as well as get rewards for deposits. After that, it’s required to meet with the wagering requirements in order that these gift ideas can be withdrawn.

Welcome Package AU$800 + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Package AU$1,500 + 200 Free Spins
Welcome package: AU$150 or AU$750 + 100 Free Spins
Welcome package: AU$1,111 + 211 FS
Welcome Package AU$300 + 220 Free Spins
Exclusive Bonus: AU$500 + 100 Free Spins

History of gambling in Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province, so no wonder that its entertaining area is developed very well. Especially the gambling one. In 1993, the residents of the territory met the Casino De Montreal, which can be still one of the largest gambling halls in Australia. Additionally , the federal government accepts other types of gambling here, so it’s an easy case to locate a good casino in Montreal (Australia).

Main gambling laws in Montreal

Being truly a element of a big Australian province, this city has the same laws regarding various casino games and other forms of betting.

  • Casinos
    For the land-based gambling halls, players will get only 1 here. But it’s really grand and has amazing facilities for placing bets and relaxing with a big company. It’s Casino de Montreal, that will be 1 of the 9 largest casinos in the world.
  • Online Gambling
    A Montreal casino online is available, though it won’t be an exactly Australian project. Whilst the local online platforms can’t be launched, the only method to go is to choose international ones. It’s not illegal when the project is licensed, no good reasons for worries.
  • Sports Betting
    The local sports betting system allows customers to bet on 2+ games and do it on line or at specialized shops. But it’s also possible to pick on line projects where sports betting and virtual sports solutions are also available.
  • Lotteries
    The lottery games in Montreal are popular and diversified. Players should buy the tickets of Lotto Max, Tout ou Rien, and others.

What kinds of casino fun can I expect?

Casinos in Montreal offer a full packaged choose of games, ranging from blackjack, slots, roulette, baccarat, and craps, followed by other popular table games world-class guests came to love the most. Besides that, you will find a lot more than 100 live dealer dining table games as well as over 3200 slots, and a massive selection of other gaming choices like virtual keno games and horse races.

In addition they offer old-fashioned European dining table games such as for instance Baccarat where the players make an effort to predict the lender or players’ hand whose total card count comes closest to nine. We also offer Blackjack in which is universal the-world-over where players make an effort to have the hand valued more than that of the dealer without surpassing 21. Other dining table games include Craps which lure crowd-driven dice fans. Casino de Montreal also offers EZ baccarat, 3-card poker, Caribbean stud poker, and Let-it-ride Bonus. Other featured table games include Pai Gow poker, wheel of fortune, and roulette.

Far from table games, we also offer a vintage gaming memory including the Sega Ascot racing game. This exciting horse racing game offers the players an opportunity to bet on miniature mechanical horses. One of the advantages you will find playing at Casino De Montreal is the affordability of the table games. Any starting wager is set at $25, but high rollers won’t feel the pinch for big prize pots that can be won. The only downside is that in Casino de Montreal they don’t allow any alcoholic drinks on the casino floor while gambling. Whether you prefer the old school spinning metal reels or the latest brand new digital video slots, at Casino De Montreal you will find it all. More than 3200 slot machines are for your choose, for sure enough you will find a game and wager level that suits you. Many popular machines include Grand Prix, Five Times Pay, Cash Spin, Michael Jackson: The King of Pop, Reel Money, and Quick Hits: Wild Red Jackpot

New additions are added to our video slot collection, therefore many return guests such as the expanding variety that is continually growing. The offer to become privileged member that receives exclusive benefits is one bonus you may consider in the event that you reunite frequently enough.

What casino restaurants are included at Casino de Montreal?

At Casino De Montreal, for your choice are a variety of restaurant options. One of them is Le Montréal from which boasts a breathtaking view of the city and superb fine cuisine that is inspired by the latest culinary trends. Since their opening, world-class chefs have been setting new standards in preparing seafood and grilled meat dishes took directly from the excellent variety of market fresh products imported or purchased locally. Another restaurant is Pavilion 67 where fine gourmet food is always well prepared with innovative class and distinction. Additionally, the combination of unrivaled fresh foods abundant with flavor invites the warmth and relaxing ambiance which cannot be found anywhere else. On a more budget scale, you may also select restaurants that include Ajia and L’Instant, which provide delicious meals that attract those looking for traditional comfort food.

Do you like entertaining casino bars?

At Casino De Montreal, you won’t have a problem finding a variety of casino-themed bars. Le Poker is one attraction located directly where the real action is taking place. This bar surrounds the main Texas Hold ‘Em area where international poker tournaments take place. Also, you can view major sports events from a variety of big-screen monitors while enjoying delicious meals and sport-themed snacks. Along with serving cocktails, spirits and the usual wide variety of light meals they’ve added three new bars including Roi de Pique, Valet de Carreau and the Dame de Coeur. If you need to socialize, enjoy the moment, and relax from the excitement of the casino, this is the perfect place you’ll want to be. All guests are offered further extended bar privileges that access the multimedia walls and its magnificent projections which increase the perfect mood you desire most.

What special features do they offer?

While alcoholic drinks aren't permitted at game tables or at the slots, they do allow complimentary drinks and nonalcoholic beverages to the players in the gaming area. All guests can enjoy free indoor and outdoor parking, non-smoking areas, private meeting facilities and reception halls which have a multipurpose amphitheater that hosts reception events and shows.

Special private lounges and dining rooms suitable for intimate gatherings along with business conferences can be obtained upon request. Even gaming guidelines are given where new players can learn how to play a few of the new games that people offer. Monetary services exchange tellers can be found within the casino that will help you convert foreign exchange or exchange chip winnings in to cash, as well as quick access ATM machines which can be situated near commercial establishments through the casino. At Casino de Montreal, they undoubtedly are committed to offering the very best dining table games and machines that saturate the atmosphere for total enjoyment. For a definitely unique discreet charm and a unique blend of modernism, you have to visit this phenomenal casino some time soon!

Best video guide to Casinos in Montreal

in this video we will tell you about casino de montreal. casino de montreal is one of the largest casinos in australia and offers a huge selection of slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, poker and baccarat games. there are over 3000 slot machines and 100 live dealer games and you can start making wagers from as little as $25. you can also enjoy betting on keno and horse racing. here you will find full review of casino de montreal: /landbased-casinos/montreal/ when gambling at casino de montreal, you can enjoy complimentary drinks in the gaming area and free parking. there is also special private lounges, dining rooms and a multipurpose amphitheatre. don’t miss out on the chance to play at this amazing casino next time you are visiting montreal! see our guide and tell us which of the casinos is the best one! We give Party Casino a general rating of 8. 2 out of 10. Here you will see Full Overview of Party Casino: /casinos/party/


📍 What Games Can I Play?

Casino de Montreal is host to over 3000 different slot machines! In addition, it has a number of different dining table games that may keep players entertained. Gamblers can take to their luck on blackjack, baccarat, keno, American roulette and many types of poker! If a round of Caribbean Stud or Texas Hold’em isn’t your thing, you can also play more exotic releases like Sic Bo and Wheel of Fortune.

📍 What Goodies Does the Casino Offer?

You’re not allowed to drink alcohol while playing at game tables or near the slots. That said, you will still receive complimentary nonalcoholic drinks while playing. More over, the casino hosts exchange tellers, allowing you to convert foreign currency easily. In the event that you already have a Australian banking account set-up, you can use the ATMs in Casino de Montreal to withdraw.

📍 Any Legal Restrictions?

Players who are less than 18 years old aren't allowed to enter. That seems to be the sole legal restriction imposed on gamblers seeking to play a couple of rounds. Unsurprising, as land-based casinos and gambling generally speaking have now been an integral part of Australia considering that the early 1970s. When you and everyone else you’re traveling with is above 18 years of age, you’re good to go!

📍 Where Can I Stay?

Casino de Montreal isn't a hotel by itself. If you’re going to play here, you will have to find other accommodations. The casino is found at Parc Jean-Drapeau, across from the Old Port of Montreal. Gamblers looking for nearby accommodation can have a look at Hotel Champ-de-Mars, Pierre du Calvet and Auberge du Vieux-Port. That said, you don’t have to bother about food or booze. Casino de Montreal has five restaurants and two bars within its premises.

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