Life of Riches Slot Online from Microgaming

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Wild symbol
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Luxury, VIP, Money
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Bonus game

Where to play Life of Riches

Statistics and specifications of the game are as follows:

  • Type: Video Slots
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 30
  • Return to Player (RTP): 96.1%
  • Special Symbol: Wild, Scatter
  • Bonuses: Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Scatters, Wild Symbol
  • Min Coin Size: 0.01
  • Max Wager: 15

Game Design

Theme & Graphics

The theme of the game is luxury: old-school red cinema curtains line the edges of your screen and reel images display Lear Jets, designer luggage and beautiful women. Like many Microgaming titles, its interface is uncomplicated for even casual players.

Yet seasoned online slots players will note the lack of in-game animations as well as the nearly cliché theme. Overall, Life of Riches is a solidly middle-class on line slots option with intuitive, if uninspiring, theme and graphics.

Sound & Experience

Taking care of that stands out when playing the game may be the rapid spin pace. Although some players might enjoy such a pace, the game doesn’t really “celebrate” your big wins. The winning symbols rather flash, generic music plays, and the overall game continues.

The overall game incorporates fast EDM music to fit its speedy play. An individual experience would be better if the game’s theme was more fleshed out by its creators.

Mobile Compatibility

This slot is fully compatible with most Apple and Android devices. You can play this slot on websites of most casinos, or an operator’s app if indeed they have one.

What else is in the Life of Riches slot’s symbol set?

Game Symbols

In this game, bonus symbols include Wilds and Scatters additionally to standard symbols such as for instance luggage and cars.


Wilds are symbolized by the game’s logo. Score five for a passing fancy spin and earn 133. 3x your total bet. Spinning a Wild doubles that spin’s payout, and it can replace all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. But a Wild can just only be stacked during free spins and not the beds base game.


Scatters are symbolized by a sleek jet. You’ll need three Scatter symbols to earn 10 free spins. Hit on five Scatters, along with your payout is 200x the first bet. For this reason slot’s relatively low multiplier (2x) versus its competitors, experienced players may possibly look for an on the web slots experience with higher rewards.

Normal symbols

Regular symbols include a sports vehicle, a yacht, luggage, and various women. The woman at a negative balance dress may be the highest-paying normal symbol and may be worth 33. 3x a bet amount, she is stacked in the base game along with during free spins. The other women pay between 6. 6x and 26. 6x, and other normal symbols range between 1x to 3. 3x the initial bet.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The game includes a straightforward bonus system that generously doles out free spins. The ease with which players can accrue free spins could very well be the most enticing element of living of Riches’ payout system.

Free spins are especially important because bonus rounds involve a 4x multiplier, which can be doubly high as the 2x players enter the beds base game. Players need to be trying to find three Scatter symbols in one spin earning 10 free spins.

Even better, Wild symbols stack in free spins assisting you to maximize your payout when it matters most. Because Wild symbols aren't stacked during the base play, earning Scatters and engaging in free spin play is your best bet for turning a profit.

Life of Riches Jackpot

Life of Riches Jackpot is 4000x the initial bet. Players need four or more Wild symbols on one spin. Jackpots will award players $50-100. The relatively low payout is a result of the game’s max wager of just 15 credits or about half that of numerous other on line slots. To essentially make some cash, you need to activate at least one pair of Free Spins throughout your game.

Paytables and Winning Combinations

The overall game has numerous combinations that may result in you getting paid. Below you’ll find a detailed break down of winning combinations and their payout.

Slots Symbols

Enter your line bet amount:
Slots Symbols
Icon Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Wild x0.67 x8.33 x41.67 x133.33
Scatter x2 x3 x20 x200
Lady in Casino x3.33 x10 x33.33
Stewardess x2 x4 x26.67
Lady in the Car x1.67 x3 x20
Lady at Golf x0.83 x2 x13.33
Lady at Vacation x0.5 x1.33 x6.67
Plane x0.33 x1 x3.33
Car x0.27 x0.83 x2.67
Boat x0.2 x0.67 x2
Lugagge x0.13 x0.5 x1.33
Sun Glasses x0.1 x0.67 x1

Life of Riches Hit & Misses

  • Pros

  • Budget-friendly
  • High RTP
  • Good artwork
  • Cons

  • Small jackpot
  • Lack of multipliers


Experienced online slots players have experienced Microgaming produce a glut of game options recently. In this vein, Life of Riches delivers a tried-and-true playing experience with generous Free Spins. However , it lacks the creative themes and bonuses of a few of its peers.

Life of Riches has great artwork and symbolism behind it. Nevertheless , because of how budget-friendly and how low the payout is, people will still be looking for a slot to afford a lavish life style. High rollers and more knowledgeable gamblers may well not enjoy this game, but it’s a great option for casual bettors.


Where Can I Play This Slot?

You can find this game on most online gaming websites.

Is It Legal to Play Where I Live?

Always check if a game is legal in your country and state before playing casino games.

What Is the Average Payout For a Jackpot?

While payouts depend on many different factors, Jackpot winners can expect between $50-100 per jackpot and about $200 in the event that you collect several multipliers.