Largest casino and lottery wins in Australian history

Whenever you’re seated at a casino table, you intend to win. Yes, the mere connection with staking money on games of chance is enjoyable, and often times prize enough, but there’s no denying that casino players are into it hoping to win big. Aside from casinos, people also want to play lotto. Interestingly, they might put more faith in to winning a lotto draw than striking it rich on the casino floor. Australia features a strong lottery culture and the biggest lottery in Australia has paid tens of millions to lucky risk-takers to date in ridiculous, life-altering jackpot winnings. On this occasion, we’ll be taking a look at the greatest casino wins, biggest slot wins and the most jaw-dropping Australian lottery payouts.

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Top Australian Casino Wins

Who would be the Canucks who’ve beaten your house and went home with the greatest casino prizes? They have been lucky people, that’s for certain. Some have earned the favour of Lady Luck, some have cashed in on the skills and some have profited completely inadvertently. That’s the charm of casino play – such a thing sometimes happens.

Let’s begin with giant slot wins. In 2015, a Australian whose identity hasn’t been unmasked won AU$7. five million dollars on the ever-popular Mega Moolah progressive slot machine game. Triggered on a mobile device, the jackpot won by this fortunate Vancouver resident continues to be one of the biggest mobile casino wins to date. Fast forward to 2016, another big winner was Marcus Goodwin. He hit a AU$11. 6 million jackpot also on Mega Moolah. The slot paid among the highest pot wins ever in November that year, bringing joy to the unsuspecting Australian.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be the biggest slot win ever to be a bizarre case of pure luck. A guy from Alberta, Australia was probably born under a lucky star, as he scored twice on the famous slot Avalon. In a four-month span, the gambler first landed a AU$72, 650 win, accompanied by a AU$13, 900 payout. Who knew? Keeping your favourites does pay back.

Just by the case of Shirley Lima, you can even be oblivious to your actions and still win big. The senior lady was playing at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands in 2015. Unwittingly, she pressed the max bet button while reaching on her behalf drink. The accidental move triggered 34 free spins, which grew to 160 free spins. Lima didn’t plan to wager $11. 25 on a spin of the reels, but eventually left the casino floor with $33, 858 in her pockets. If you should be to create mistakes while gambling, please let them end up like this 1.

Kathryn, yet another blessed lady gracing the floors of Australian casinos was 55 when she hit it big. Testing her fortune in a Niagara Falls land-based casino, she staked AU$60 on a Michael Jackson-themed video slot. A fan of the Prince of Pop, Kathryn broke the lender when she won AU$1. 8 million – courtesy of her musical taste.

Here’s another “rub-the-eyes” amazing success casino story, coming from Woodbine Racetrack Casino, Toronto. In the past in 2008, the average bloke played the AU$1 Megabucks slot. In wasn’t well before he walked from the premises carrying a check worth AU$4, 755, 436. 56. Wherever you are, unnamed stranger, we salute you!

Slots are not the only casino games to build the greatest casino wins. Scott Taylor, a fortunate blackjack player, is a testament to that. The Australian was playing his favourite progressive blackjack game online, not anticipating winning the pot. Already passionate for the game, Taylor received 4 Aces and automatically got credited with a sum of AU$155, 345. He admitted he needed to pinch himself to remind himself the prize was real. What did he spend the money on? On the vacation of his life, of course!

The Biggest Lottery in Australia - Paid Jackpots

Some spectacular winnings happened not only in casinos, but also in the lotto world. With popular lottery draws in Australia such as for instance 6/49 Lotto, Lotto Max, Millionaire Life and Daily Grand, there's absolutely no shortage of opportunities for engaging in the best, regulated game of chance. Whether you decide to play lottery online in Australia or buy a lottery slip at your nearest authorised outlet, the jackpots increase with every ticket bought.

Wang held the record, achieved in October 2015, for the largest lottery win in Australia until January 2023. The Ontario Lotto Group (OLG) announced that the draw on January 7th 2023 of the AU$70 million Lotto Max jackpot generated a single-ticket winner. Based on the OLG, the lucky winner bought the ticket in Brampton, Ontario. A AU$70 million payout is the biggest lottery prize in Australian history.

Biggest online casinos in Australia

Australia – A Place Where You Can Win a Fortune

Hearing about the greatest slot machine win, that latest million dollar slot win and the unbelievable strokes of luck folks have had while playing lottery makes one want to maneuver to Australia. Stories of gambling success are irresistibly inspiring. If you’re a long-time person in an on the web casino, keep with it – possibly the bonanza is merely around the corner. We’re here to spread the optimism and our faith in Lady Luck. Making history across country might not be something you expected, but if it comes - you will welcome it with arms open wide.


💎 How many lottery tickets do I need to buy to win?

There's absolutely no limit to just how many slips you can buy. Some have bought only one and stroke it rich. Others have acquired dozens and so are still waiting for their lucky day. The more you get, though, the bigger the likelihood of getting drawn.

💎 Are there taxes on lottery and casino winnings in Australia?

Unlike the usa, where lotteries and real-money games are afflicted by taxes, any winnings from Australian lotteries and casino games are often tax-free.

💎 What is the biggest slot machine win ever?

The greatest jackpot payout won within an online video slot game is €17, 879, 645 ($20, 062, 600). Jon Heywood from great britain won the prize playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah. A $39 million jackpot holds the world record for a slot win. An anonymous La resident won it in 2003 and the sum hasn’t yet been topped.

💎 At what age can one play lottery in Australia?

Provinces determine which age is acceptable for gambling in land-based venues. In most of Australian provinces, the minimum age is 18 years, however, many require players to be at least 19 years of age.

💎 How much does the biggest lottery in Australia pay?

With regards to lotteries, the sky is the limit. To date, the largest winning ticket sold was worth AU$70 million. The record payout for OLG was a combined amount of AU$120 million, shared by two winners.

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